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A selection of some of our past projects - click and hold pics to enlarge.

Web Design

Waseca's local print shop, Personalized Printing, wanted a site that reflected the style of the owner. Design{panic} took their ideas and created a site that provides potential customers with a list of services, bold contact information, and engaging content.

A revolutionary guitar bridge needs a site that delivers technical information, photos, and video in a way that is clear to the user, without getting in the way of making a purchase.

Waseca Music not only needed a website, they needed help with branding, hosting, and content. Design{panic} took over, secured a domain name, created logos for the main site and DJ Kozy, scanned and photographed pictures, wrote much of the content, and got featured prominently in search results - leading to a very happy customer!

Web Development

Screen printing is a demanding job, with many variables. Quoting a price for a screen printed t-shirt involves combining garment prices with ink count, coverage, and a variety of other considerations. We created an online application that not only allows the user to create the design they desire; it handles orders, delivers print-ready artwork to the art department, and manages all this complexity behind an easy-to-use interface. With such complexity there are inevitable bugs, which we fix promptly and securely.

Print Design

The decorative painting industry is crowded, and just like the music business, it takes something special to draw people to your work. Two bestselling authors entrust design{panic} to take their artwork and put it into easy-to-read, beautiful books that garner accolades from their fans.

John SlineyJohn SlineyJohn Sliney

Sliney is a primitive-style painter, depicting scenes that have a patina of age and use. We went out and photographed his pieces in dusty barns and musty basements to get the right look, then wrapped it all in pages to match.

John liked our work so much, we went on to photograph, design and layout his entire series of books and several other products.

Arlene LintonArlene LintonArlene Linton

Arlene Linton creates intricate lace-like designs, and needed a clean, simple, & classic design that didn't interfere with the flowing lines of her art.

We used sophisticated typefaces that mirrored many details of her work, and used subtle transparency to accentuate titles and important notes.

Logos & Branding

The first thing people see when looking at your advertising, web presence or letterhead is your logo, yet it's often overlooked, left to chance - or worst of all, poorly designed.

Tim O'ReaganTim O'Reagan

Minneapolis musician and drummer for The Jayhawks, Tim O'Reagan, heard of design{panic} via word-of-mouth, and contacted us about some design for his then upcoming solo album and tour. This is one of several designs we did for Tim.

The Schmoejoesperhaps the greatest band ever

Our favorite Waseca indie-rock band needed an eye catching logo. Design{panic} leapt to the rescue. We also revamped their website, t-shirts, stickers and buttons--everything!

T-shirts & Illustrations

The Workout CenterThe Workout Center

Waseca's premier fitness center needed a t-shirt design that grabbed people's attention. Using the owner's favorite colors, we worked up 2 & 3 color designs in a distressed style.

Willie's American Guitars

One of a series of t-shirts we did for them; this one is our favorite. Usable as a 2 or 3 color design, it mixes retro 50's kitsch with rock n' roll. And space girls.

They can't keep these in stock!

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